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Sandstone Centre Park, Plots for sale Amangal, Off Mahabubnagar is the new and luxurious Plotted Development in Hyderabad. Sandstone Infra Pvt Ltd is taking a step forward in luxury and leisure. The project is situtated right between International Schools, Shoping Malls, Hotels, etc. With our various surveys undertaken, we have made the necessary changes and gave prefrence for customer's choice of Amenities. Sandstone Center Park in Amangal, Mahabubnagar by Sandstone Infra Builders is a residential estate. The project gives Land a beautiful mix of modern architecture and functionality to ensure easy living.

In every aspect, Mahabubnagar is witnessing growth. As a result , the real estate market is also experiencing growth. The key drivers of this city's real estate market are booming sectors that produce new employment, infrastructure improvements and the presence of affordable healthcare and educational institutions.The strong demand for the supply ratio also has an effect on the optimistic aspect of the real estate markets. The city has a wide mix of luxury, affordable and mid-segment residential units.

133 Squar Yards

1200.00 sq.ft

157 Squar Yards

1413.00 sq.ft

165 Squar Yards

1485.00 sq.ft

166 Squar Yards

1500.00 sq.ft

183 Squar Yards

1647.00 sq.ft

200 Squar Yards

1800.00 sq.ft

217 Squar Yards

1953.00 sq.ft

220 Squar Yards

1980.00 sq.ft

238 Squar Yards

2142.00 sq.ft

266 Squar Yards

2400.00 sq.ft

289 Squar Yards

2601.00 sq.ft

400 Squar Yards

3600.00 sq.ft

440 Squar Yards

3960.00 sq.ft

500 Squar Yards

4500.00 sq.ft

658 Squar Yards

5922.00 sq.ft